What to Expect

Welcome to our lab! We strive for your METAFITRX experience to be exceptional. This is a nonjudgmental environment. We are here to help you achieve your personal goals. You will meet with our Exercise Physiologist, Health Behavior Specialist and/or one of our Personal Trainers.

Before we begin any assessment, if you have not completed your paperwork online we will provide you an iPad to complete it in person.


If you are having your DEXA Scan done, plan for a 30-minute visit. You will be asked to remove your shoes and any metals that can be removed. Your technician will instruct you to lay flat on the DEXA bed and assist in positioning you. For the next six minutes and 20 seconds up to 15 minutes, you will be asked to lie still. The DEXA emits no light and is completely noninvasive. After your scan is complete, you will have a thorough discussion of your results.

RMR Assessment

If you are doing your Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment, plan for a 30-minute visit. You will be asked to sit or lie in a chair and relax. You will be given a tube to breathe into and have a clamp placed on your nose. You may read a book, browse your phone or close your eyes. We are aiming to replicate total rest. After 15 minutes, you will remove the tube and nose clamp. You will finish with a thorough discussion of your results..

VO2max Assessment

If you are doing your VO2max assessment, plan for a 45-minute visit. You will need to be in exercise apparel and sneakers. You will choose between the treadmill or bike. After deciding which modality you will use, your technician will explain how the assessment will go. You will be fitted for a heart rate monitor, mask and have the seat height adjusted (bike only). Safety protocol will be explained and you will affirm that you understand to continue.

Once the assessment begins, you will communicate via thumbs up or thumbs down. Your technician will control the speed and incline (treadmill only) of your modality. As intensity increases, your technician will record your heart rate training zones. Once your zones have been recorded, it’s time to go for max. The higher your max, the better your cardiopulmonary fitness. It is important to note, you may end the assessment at any time. After your VO2max is complete, you will be handed a towel and have a thorough discussion of your results.

All Three Assessments

If you are doing all three assessments, plan for a 1 hour and 45-minute visit.


In your follow-up discussions, we will cover all of your options including private training, personalized fitness, nutrition and health behavior programs. All of our services are available a la carte or as program add-ons. If you have already purchased a personalized nutrition plan, there is an additional discussion to implement your plan.

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