Metabolic Assessments​

Unlock your personal metabolic formula.

Body Composition - DEXA Scans​

Start your journey with advanced knowledge about your body. DEXA gives you a precise understanding of your composition including your body fat percentage, your bone mineral density content and lean muscle mass. With superior accuracy, a DEXA scan will give you the inside look into your body and guidance for setting healthy goals. ​

Fitness - VO2MAX

Figure out how intensely you need to exercise to reach your goals. A VO2max assessment will pinpoint when your body is burning fat versus when your body is burning carbohydrates. Learn to balance strength training and cardio workouts with your unique heart rate training zones. Burn fat and sculpt muscle faster by knowing how hard you need to push yourself.

Nutrition - Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

Find out how many calories you need to eat and what macronutrient split is best for your goals. An RMR assessment will determine the speed of your metabolism and how many calories your body burns at rest per day. Nutrition is the most important factor for fat loss that is safe, achievable, and sustainable. Keep the weight off for good. MUST BE FASTED! Please read PREP Instructions.

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