Metabolism Based Eating

Metabolism Based Eating is a flexible nutrition plan for sustainable fat loss. We combine body composition and metabolism optimization to help improve health and manage weight long-term. This plan is designed for body recomposition. When combined with a structured training program, this plan will result in the loss of body fat while improving health markers, gaining strength and increasing endurance.

We are Metabolism Based Eating coaches. You can read more about the method at

Metabolism Kickstarter Package

$ 725 One time
  • DEXA body composition scan
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment
  • Metabolism Based Eating
  • Behavior Coaching (45 mins)

Plan Includes

The exact amount of calories you will need to fuel your body for fat loss and muscle retention.

Precise amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats presented in grams and as a percentage of total calories.

A written meal plan to help visualize what your calories and macros look like in terms of real food.

A 30-minute Health Coaching session to follow up on progress and make changes if needed.

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