Fitness Assessment - VO2max

Figure out how intensely you need to exercise to reach your goals. A VO2max assessment will pinpoint when your body is burning fat versus when your body is burning carbohydrates. Learn to balance strength training and cardio workouts with your unique heart rate training zones. Burn fat and sculpt muscle faster by knowing how hard you need to push yourself.

Initial Assessment

$ 225
  • Get started with a VO2max for a fitness baseline

Reassessment for Existing Clients

$ 130
  • Compare your results. See your progress!

Complete Metabolic Assessment Panel

$ 625
  • DEXA Scan
  • VO2max
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

VO2max FAQs

A VO2max assessment uses gas chamber analysis to analyze levels of expired oxygen and carbon dioxide. The ratio of oxygen to carbon dioxide will determine aerobic and anaerobic heart rate zones presented in beats per minute. Total volume of oxygen consumed and utilized during peak physical exertion will determine VO2max measured in ml/kg/min.

A VO2max assessment will provide accurate data regarding your unique heart rate training zones and define your cardiovascular health. We educate you on how to use your zones to balance strength and cardio workouts to achieve results faster.

Prep instructions are emailed prior to your appointment and below.

  1. Dress in comfortable exercise attire and closed toe workout shoes.
  2. Refrain from exercise/heavy endurance training for 24-hours prior to the assessment.
  3. No food, tobacco, alcohol, or caffeine for at least 3 hours prior to the assessment.
  4. Avoid wearing facial make-up as it may compromise the fit of the mask.
  5. Continue medications as usual.

Your appointment is scheduled for 45 minutes. Your actual assessment time will be  10-12 minutes on average.

You will have a discussion with your exercise physiologist to determine the  best suited protocol (walk, run or cycle) for your fitness level. You will be fitted with a mask and heart rate monitor. Your technician will demonstrate how the assessment will go start to finish. 

You can do either. Most people choose the walking protocol. This is determined by your current fitness training program, fitness level and comfort with treadmill running. Utilizing a cycle is another option for the assessment.

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