How it Works

1. Consultation

We recommend prospective clients book a complimentary consultation to get started. Our consultations determine the best action plan for your journey. By learning about your past health behaviors, wellness goals and physical abilities, we can ensure you only invest in the services you need. Consultations are not required, but we strongly recommend it as a first step if you are unfamiliar with metabolic assessments.

2. Metabolic Assessments

Metabolic assessments are the core elements utilized in designing custom fitness and nutrition programs. Your personal metabolic results will guide us in creating safe, sustainable, and achievable goals. 

The DEXA Scan for body composition and Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment are non invasive and require relaxation. The VO2max is designed to be a max effort cardiovascular fitness assessment. You can choose the treadmill or bike. We determine what is best prior to your appointment. 

3. Perform

Apply your assessment results to improve your health and take your performance to the next level. You have the option for us to provide personalized fitness, nutrition and/or health behavior programs. If you are already working with a personal trainer, coach, registered dietitian, physical therapist or physician, we will work with them. Track your progress with reassessments at appropriate intervals. 

Questions? Contact us.

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